Each one of us has the potential to sing a song to the Lord, some musical and some not; our own special calling and mission that we are privileged, in connection with Him, to accomplish.

Whatever talents we possess were given by God, and the same God who gives them is also able to take them away if they are not put to use.  The songs we share with you would be non-existent if it were not for Him.

Learn the song God has given you, and sing it to His glory.  We pray that the music on this CD will inspire your spiritual journey.


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°   Give Me a Song

°   I Know What I’ll Be Saying

°   Heal My Friend

°   Be mine - Ezekiel 16

°   Remember

°   Psalm 69

°   Unmasked

°   Keep Me From Falling

°   It’s Up to You

°   I Have a Redeemer

°   All music, vocals, and

     accompaniment: Sarah Draget


°   Lyrics to Heal My Friend,

    Remember, and Unmasked:

    Geanina Draget & Sarah Draget

°   Producer and Arranger: Marteen

     for Now! Multimedia

°   Copyright: 2012 Sarah Draget. All

     Rights Reserved.



Give Me a Song CD                     

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Give Me a Song Accompaniment CD (instruments & harmonies only)


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We do not ship outside the U.S.